Everything’s Fine

I’m aware that some people are upset because of the events at a certain laboratory, and I’m flattered that enough of you look to this blog for information that it’s become sort of a problem. By all means, feel free to check in– in fact, that’s pretty much an order from T.H.U. itself. But don’t take our silence to mean something is wrong. I’m still alive, Drs. Kenditz and Lenhand are still alive, and no word for a change in plan (that you should be concerned about) has come from T.H.U. So it’s fine. Everything’s fine. Don’t worry.

Another note: a certain set of Topazes have not been decapitated. They haven’t even been maimed. I’ll post a picture of what one of their injuries looks like as soon as I get the All Clear from Dr. Kenditz. She’s still not at peace with what happened, so I would prefer you don’t mention it to her anymore. But yes: if you see one of these Topazes, you’ll know she was a part of the set. That’s all I’m going to say for now.

Everything’s fine.



We Got This in the Mail

A Mysterious Picture Sent to Us

We would have people researching this to see where it came from, but T.H.U. believes it is not of importance, and that we don’t have the manpower (womanpower?) to track this down anyway because so many people are occupied with the hunt for that troublesome Opal. Ironically, I believe that this picture is a clue to her whereabouts, because I think that that same Opal is the one who sent us this. Just look at the hue. That’s indigo, right? But that’s just me. Maybe if we don’t have any more updates for a while- or messes to clean up- I’ll start looking into it.


Most sincerely,


We Apologize for the Inconvenience

Uh… I don’t really know how to put this but we, uh, well we’ve been experiencing some… difficulties here at Project Zirconia. Nothing to worry about, not yet anyway. Of course, if something were wrong, you would be the first to know.

Just… watch out for anyone who could be an Opal, okay?

And I’m inclined to believe that if there is any Topaz who has held off Termination for some reason, that reason is no longer relevent. Just do it. We’d all feel better. Trust me, trust us, Pinecone can deal with it. In fact, at this point he’d probably be relieved, even though he doesn’t get to sort them and do the job himself anymore. Tough luck. Desperate times call for… well, they call for measures that should have been taken a long time ago.

Your THU correspondent,


To Clarify…

It has been brought to my attention that some of you have been having negative thoughts concerning the Good Dr. Pinecone, particularly concerning the Opals. I’ll answer a few of your queries below to clear some things up, because we must remember: we are not the enemy. Well, the Opals would disagree. But we are not our own enemy.

Why did he let them go? If he had kept them all contained, then we wouldn’t have to be chasing them down.

One of the most common questions. You see, part of the first project, I believe, was to create people that were part plant but could function in the real world. Therefore, he had to let them go, under order of T.H.U. Of course, they never said how many he had to let go, so while a few were released unharmed, he kept a few under his thumb. That is, until they displayed an unprecendented amount of disobedience…

Isn’t every Opal being tracked by a Topaz? And wasn’t an order sent out for their, ahem, removal?

Yes and yes but we can only do so much. In fact, they are only supposed to be rid of if it can be done smoothly. This also means that if they are useful for another reason, it would be a moronic move to terminate an Opal just because you can.

Where is he? Shouldn’t he be helping us fight?

If I told you where he was, that would compromise everything useful he’s been doing. Besides, injury and/or death would make it difficult for him. In other words, I have no idea where Dr. Pinecone is.

What happened to his lab after he left?

Another question I don’t know, but considering it hasn’t been an issue, I suggest that you don’t worry about it.


I hope that helps you understand that this doctor is certainly not working against us. In fact, from what I know, he is more determined than any of us to make sure the Opals are brought down before they, well, cause further damage. But remember, they were released under T.H.U.’s orders, and questioning T.H.U. is the last thing you want to do.

Most sincerely,


The Emblem

Later Concept Art for the New Emblem

I thought that we needed something new on this blog. Many of you in the field have wondered what’s on the Bloodstone book. I would have thought this obvious, but I can see how you wouldn’t know. That is an impression of the Project Zirconia emblem. I was able to acquire some of the concept art for this blog. Some of you might note the primary change from the last emblem—-namely, the wings. I do not know if the reason for this symbol is supposed to be common knowledge yet, so I won’t say it here.

Tourism Would Be Bad

Recently, Dr. Kenditz forwarded all of us a page where a man had put a MoonRadish pencil up on eBay. The starting bid is $50, with a Buy It Now price of $200.  Dr. Kenditz is under the impression that this (somehow) validates Dr. Pinecone’s “ingenious” intuition. While no one has bid on this item yet, several co-workers and I looked upon this in a different light. If MoonRadish pencils become true symbols of nostalgia, perhaps the center in Radish Town will attract tourism, which could provoke investigation. All Units, take warning: do not try to encourage tourism in your area (with certain exceptions, of course). We’ve had a difficult enough time getting boaters off of Halileo.



Sighting of Indigo? Or just a portrait?

Indigo, Fig. 1

A depiction of Target 1, Indigo Opal

We recently acquired this picture of Indigo Opal and hope that it is a clue to her whereabouts. Unfortunately for us, that would mean she is still alive. However, we’ve had the Optics Center of Halileo take a look, and they believe this is a painting based off of a photograph. While there are few photographs of the First Opal, there is general agreement that this hardly looks like her, so it must have been right after she was first Grown. As to the painter of this portrait, we will continue to look into the matter.

Greetings, World.

To whom it may concern,

We at Project Zirconia are pleased to launch this blog as a way of sharing information between all dispatched units as we continue to pave our way for a brighter tomorrow–whether this is through hunting down the Opals, assisting the Good Doctors, or somehow serving the greater purpose of Project Zirconia. I should note that this will be so much more than that– finally, we have a way of keeping everyone up to date. By order of T.H.U., I will be updating this as new information comes to light.

Most sincerely, Verigold Topaz