Everything’s Fine

I’m aware that some people are upset because of the events at a certain laboratory, and I’m flattered that enough of you look to this blog for information that it’s become sort of a problem. By all means, feel free to check in– in fact, that’s pretty much an order from T.H.U. itself. But don’t take our silence to mean something is wrong. I’m still alive, Drs. Kenditz and Lenhand are still alive, and no word for a change in plan (that you should be concerned about) has come from T.H.U. So it’s fine. Everything’s fine. Don’t worry.

Another note: a certain set of Topazes have not been decapitated. They haven’t even been maimed. I’ll post a picture of what one of their injuries looks like as soon as I get the All Clear from Dr. Kenditz. She’s still not at peace with what happened, so I would prefer you don’t mention it to her anymore. But yes: if you see one of these Topazes, you’ll know she was a part of the set. That’s all I’m going to say for now.

Everything’s fine.