To Clarify…

It has been brought to my attention that some of you have been having negative thoughts concerning the Good Dr. Pinecone, particularly concerning the Opals. I’ll answer a few of your queries below to clear some things up, because we must remember: we are not the enemy. Well, the Opals would disagree. But we are not our own enemy.

Why did he let them go? If he had kept them all contained, then we wouldn’t have to be chasing them down.

One of the most common questions. You see, part of the first project, I believe, was to create people that were part plant but could function in the real world. Therefore, he had to let them go, under order of T.H.U. Of course, they never said how many he had to let go, so while a few were released unharmed, he kept a few under his thumb. That is, until they displayed an unprecendented amount of disobedience…

Isn’t every Opal being tracked by a Topaz? And wasn’t an order sent out for their, ahem, removal?

Yes and yes but we can only do so much. In fact, they are only supposed to be rid of if it can be done smoothly. This also means that if they are useful for another reason, it would be a moronic move to terminate an Opal just because you can.

Where is he? Shouldn’t he be helping us fight?

If I told you where he was, that would compromise everything useful he’s been doing. Besides, injury and/or death would make it difficult for him. In other words, I have no idea where Dr. Pinecone is.

What happened to his lab after he left?

Another question I don’t know, but considering it hasn’t been an issue, I suggest that you don’t worry about it.


I hope that helps you understand that this doctor is certainly not working against us. In fact, from what I know, he is more determined than any of us to make sure the Opals are brought down before they, well, cause further damage. But remember, they were released under T.H.U.’s orders, and questioning T.H.U. is the last thing you want to do.

Most sincerely,



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